Gyrotonic apparatus

With perpetual fluidity in motion, exercise with the Gyrotonic apparatus readily builds graceful, leaner muscle, and more elongated bodies.

From the word "gyro" (meaning ring, spiral or circle) and "tonic" (to tone or invigorate), Gyrotonic is a way of increasing range of motion, coordination, and strength by performing prescribed graceful, circular motions. The Gyrotonic System was developed using key movement principles from yoga, swimming, gymnastics, and ballet. By moving through several variations of these motions with the light resistance of the Pulley Tower, you develop integrated, mutually supporting major muscle groups.

The Gyrotonic system produces long, lean, flexible, toned muscles, increases joint mobility and range of motion, develops coordination and simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body. If you are seeking a means to build upon your strength, flexibility and coordination without gaining bulky muscle, this program is the perfect solution to integrate into your exercise routine.

Alecia Hill is our valued and highly experienced Gyrotonic instructor. Alecia has danced in classical and contemporary performance projects in New York City and throughout the Northeast. She has studied gyrotonic for 5 years, at first using it to rehabilitate from injuries suffered from dancing. Alecia helps our clients reach muscular flexibility and strength, while improving each participants range of motion.

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